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BioDynamic Breathwork Ceremony

16th September 2019/ 18:30-20:30 – Berlin


RECLAIM your free-flow of breath, movement and vitality.

RECLAIM your highest potential, your freedom to express, move and feel.

RECLAIM your birth-right to joy, pleasure, bliss and connection.

As an experienced Breathwork Coach, Elina will take you on a transformative journey to a deeper connection to yourself and to expansive states of consciousness.

Deep Conscious Breathing is a powerful tool for self-study and clears physical, mental & emotional blockages.

Layers of physical and emotional tension prevent us from being fully present and from being able to engage in authentic expression.

In a safe, supportive environment Elina will guide you to release layers of unnecessary blockages.

You’ll come out of the experience in a rejuvenated, expansive and embodied state, feeling more clarity, connection & creativity.

Elina Ratna is an experienced Breathwork Coach, BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release practitioner, body-work & massage therapist, and Lifestyle & Wellness Strategist for Personal Empowerment. She facilitates Breathwork workshops & retreats, and offers private sessions worldwide. Her motivation is to support people on their journey of personal growth and empowerment, so they can connect with their potential and have a direct experience of their true self.


EUR 20
EUR 18 ( students and unemployed, please bring proof)



WHEN:   16th September 2019 / 18:30-20:30


Life Artists – Creators HUB!
Mila Strasse 4,
10437 Berlin


What is BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release?

BioDynamic Breath is built on a new approach to trauma release. This profound and revolutionary system of body therapy integrates deep connected breathing with specially designed conscious movement, body awareness techniques, bodywork, TRE tension & trauma release exercises, counseling and meditation. When skilfully combined in an integrated flow and safe environment, these techniques result in releasing long-held trauma from the body and mind.

This approach is designed to break through the many layers of body armoring, releasing mental, emotional and physical resistance down to the core, while reducing ones deeply imprinted primal conditioning. It aims to uncover deep-seated blockages, manifesting often as chronic pain, addictive behaviors, obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders or persistent health difficulties.

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release® enables you to experience the full range of sensations and emotions available to a human being, whilst expanding your capacity to contain and support the free flow of life-force energy. This work provides restructuring at a cellular level, supporting the opening of the spine and ultimately transforming you into an increasingly present, conscious and joyous being. You open deeper to acceptance of yourself and others, and in doing so begin to celebrate life to it’s fullest.



Contraindications for breath work:

– Epilepsy
– Asthma
– Pregnancy
– Recent surgery
– Heart pacemaker
– For any other health or mental conditions, or in case of use of medication, in case of doubt, please inform Elina beforehand


  • I visited several times Elina's breathwork circles. I absolutely adore this work. Elina holds space for each of the participants, so you can feel safe with her and you can just let go. She's a very grounded, calm, strong person with high energy. But just go and see yourself.

    Rena Verena
  • The practices were well put together, music well adapted, stimulating inner reflections, challenging myself to have a dance with myself, a dance with all that which is in the inner hidden realms, that no one else can see.

    Each session I discovered a new technique or practice. It was interesting to go through the process without being told what is meant to be happening, because in this way nothing pre determines how you should feel or react, but leaves space for your own discovery and self observation.

  • Elina facilitates a space which is relaxed, nurturing and safe. Through different rhythms and practices, Elina holds the space for our bodies to express their sensations, as well as the accumulated emotions through our own free form of movements. Each and everyone is dancing their own personal dance, and yet we are interconnected.

    After Elina’s sessions, I felt more relaxed and calmer, with an aftertaste of wellbeing.