Self Care Belly Massage Course – Level 1

The womb, pelvic floor & belly hold many stories.

Those are the areas where we tend to store unresolved, un-released emotions, memories, shocks, traumas and pains. If unaddressed, those can lead to a series of physical ailments, conditions, discomforts, and illnesses. Often the stories and emotions we carry are not only our own, but also the ones of our mothers and grandmothers, of our ancestral lineages passed down generation after generation.

Self Care Belly Massage Course – Level 1

The state of our belly is linked to our overall health: a healthy gut equals a healthy life quality. The condition of the stomach and the internal organs can often be the source of many ailments. I will offer a comprehensive approach to energizing, strengthening, and detoxifying the internal system.

Belly massage stimulates blood & lymph flow thus improving the functions of organs, and as a result stimulates the digestive process, tones the womb & digestion, helps with emotional & energetical release. It cleanses out negative influences and detoxifies the whole system.

I create and hold a very supportive, safe, nourishing and compassionate space for you to explore your shadows in a forgiving, non-judgmental environment.

As an experienced therapist, I will teach you how to take care of your own belly and health, balancing your physical and emotional wellbeing, from the comfort of your own home.

You will take away with you simple to learn, yet very efficient methods of self-care practices, self-care belly massage techniques and meditations.

As we release experiences and blockages stored in the belly area, we liberate our sensuality, creativity, and power.

It is a journey of deep reprogramming and release on a deep cellular level.


WHERE: Infinity Sunlight, Gubener Straße 27, 10243 Berlin

EUR 68
EUR 63 ( students and unemployed, please bring proof)

*** IT IS REQUIRED TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT BY DIRECT MESSAGE OR EMAIL TO info@elina-ratna.com before 4th September ***

ELINA RATNA is a bodyworker, massage therapist, life coach for personal empowerment and BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release® practitioner. She facilitates BioDynamic BREATH CIRCLE classes and workshops, as well as private sessions. Her motivation is to support others on their journey of personal growth and empowerment, so they can connect with their potential and have a direct experience of their true self. She believes that through reconnecting to our felt sense in our body-temples, we humans can reach higher states of consciousness and experience our birthright to joy, pleasure and ecstasy. 

What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang energizes, strengthens, and detoxifies the internal system and vital organs. It stimulates blood & lymph flow thus improving the functions of organs, and as a result, stimulates the digestive process, tones the belly, womb & digestion, helps with the emotional & energetical releases. It cleanses out negative influences and detoxifies the whole system and is particularly useful in relieving intestinal suffering.

Helps with: bloating, symptoms of IBS, gastric reflux, constipation, blockages, cleaning out physical and emotional toxins, cramps, anxiety, knots, period pains, diabetes, flatulence, circulation, back pain, slow metabolism, and heartburn.

This massage will have a therapeutic impact on the digestive, respiratory, reproductive, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine and urinary systems.

It also helps to achieve the following results:

  • Tones the womb and the organs
  • Can improve fertility
  • Regulation of menstrual cycle and relief from menstrual cramp pain.
  • Improved blood circulation, improved flow of blood and oxygen to all vital organs.
  • Improved sleep
  • Healthier skin
  • Looser stools
  • Reduction of cellulite and break down of stomach fat, achieving a flatter stomach
  • Stress reduction
  • Relieves shortness of breath
  • Detoxification of the organs and the digestive system. It is also very helpful during detox programs as it helps to move out the toxins more efficiently. Very beneficial before colonic therapy
  • A release of tension in abdominal muscles, as well as a release of knots from physical or emotional sources
  • Improved lymph circulation
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Removal of stored energies and emotions
  • Improves body awareness  & self-love


  • I took part in the CosmOzis hosted by Elina. Very nice clear room and some silent, conscious atmosphere sense-able.

    Finding words for a journey like that is really some challenging stuff. It was mind-blowing. I thought I got some experience in shamanic work. The intensity of this energy was surprising and moved me so much. Healed me so much.

    I felt really safe, guided and protected. And the most important point in this process : I started to remember my purpose, my inner truth. For me this session with Elina was one of the most precious experiences this year.

  • The practices were well put together, music well adapted, stimulating inner reflections, challenging myself to have a dance with myself, a dance with all that which is in the inner hidden realms, that no one else can see.

    Each session I discovered a new technique or practice. It was interesting to go through the process without being told what is meant to be happening, because in this way nothing pre determines how you should feel or react, but leaves space for your own discovery and self observation.

  • Elina facilitates a space which is relaxed, nurturing and safe. Through different rhythms and practices, Elina holds the space for our bodies to express their sensations, as well as the accumulated emotions through our own free form of movements. Each and everyone is dancing their own personal dance, and yet we are interconnected.

    After Elina’s sessions, I felt more relaxed and calmer, with an aftertaste of wellbeing.