Detox Coaching


You’d like to start a detox from the comfort of your own home but don’t know how or where to start?

Perhaps you’ve attended a Detox Retreat with me, and wish to continue a healthy life style at home?

You’d wish to improve your health, gain more vitality, lose weight, gain clarity?

You’d like to learn and implement healthy habits in your diet and lifestyle?

This is all possible with a personalized an easy to follow Detox Coaching program, adapted to your needs, body and lifestyle. Elina is available as your personal Detox coach on Skype or Zoom sessions and through email.
Elina is a life long passionate of wellness, healthy plant based nutrition, embodiment and personal empowerment. Her wish is to see you strive and live at your highest, most vibrant self possible.

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Why Detox?

Toxins can add up in our system through what food we eat and what we drink, the air we breathe, what products we put on our skin, the chemicals in our environment and also by having a toxic mindset! Although the human body is designed to eliminate toxins, it can quickly become clogged up. This can lead to toxins becoming stored in the cells and joints. Unfortunately, this reduces the body’s ability to function properly and to heal itself.

Detox activates the body’s ability to heal itself, by cleansing and repairing at deep cellular level. Healthy plant-based food is nature’s medicine.

Our digestive, hormonal and nervous systems were designed to collaborate and work together to achieve optimum health. This is what our bodies desire so much! When we overload them with unhealthy foods and toxins, these systems don’t work as well as they should and we get sick. Detoxing brings balance back and helps our systems function properly again.

Some Benefits

*Gain clarity on your goals and what you desire for your health, body, and life.

*Discover what prevents you from attaining this vision and how to release self-sabotaging behaviors.

*Improve your energy levels, vitality, and activate weight loss.

*Learn easy, simple, efficient tools and skills to improve your health, diet, and lifestyle for a lasting result.


What you will get

We’ll start with an initial 20 min Free consultation call. In this call we’ll assess what are your needs and goals. According to your health situation and lifestyle, Elina will establish a protocol for you to follow, from the comfort of your own home. The programs established are easy to follow, yet truly efficient. 4 weeks to 12 weeks programs are available.

You’ll receive in your email :

*weekly tips
*healthy recipes
*motivational & educational videos
*home work practices
*workout exercises

PLUS a weekly 60 min follow up online session to reassess your transformation and adjust your protocol if needed. (You’ll receive the recording of the online session).

In those weekly online sessions, you’ll get the so needed support and encouragement to continue on your journey towards a vibrant healthy, a sexy body and a peaceful mind. These follow up session will help you to stay motivated and keep yourself on the right track.
We’ll also look into the core reasons for compulsive, addictive, self-sabotaging behaviors, such as food disorders (over eating, emotional eating, stress eating, etc), and most importantly, we’ll work at releasing them from your system, body and habits.








($140 / week)



Stabilising your Results




($112,37 / week)



Sustainable & lasting transformation




($99 / week)


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